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7 Reasons to Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development

Flutter's affordability is yet another excellent argument in its favor.

Upon hearing the demand to ‘Open The Sky,’ the Google developers created The Sky Engine in October 2014. Over time, it transformed into the open-source UI development kit Flutter, a sensation in mobile app development services.

When Flutter first launched, its main feature was the Android phone Hot Reload. However, this feature changed the game, cutting the time to create an Android app from an exhausting seven minutes to an astounding 400 milliseconds. However, Flutter’s mission went well beyond creating mobile apps.

React Native has been overtaken by Flutter as the most widely employed cross-platform mobile framework in 2021. According to the poll, 42% of developers worldwide used Flutter. Roughly one-third of mobile developers use native tools, while the remaining professionals employ cross-platform technologies or frameworks. It is, therefore, clear that Flutter is widespread, and in 2024, it will only grow more so.

Let us delve into the seven reasons you should consider Flutter mobile app development in future framework development.

Why Prefer Flutter App Development?

What are the opinions and the reasons behind enterprises selecting Flutter for app development? Let’s examine Flutter’s advantages in more detail.

Adequate for Cross-Platform Development

Businesses generally choose cross-platform development since it is more affordable and takes less time to produce than native development methods. Nevertheless, before Flutter’s introduction, cross-platform applications suffered greatly from decreased native appearance and performance.

Building apps that operate similarly to native ones became possible with the Flutter app development company. Therefore, there’s no longer a need to compromise between price and quality.

Exceptional Performance

Dart, the programming language used by Flutter apps, allows for their excellent performance outcomes (60 to 120 frames per second). This language enables Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation and is client-optimized. Unlike cross-platform frameworks requiring bridging, the code runs natively on each platform, resulting in speedier Flutter applications.

Incredible Portability

Six platforms, Android, iOS, Web, Windows, macOS, and Linux, have been accessible from a single codebase since the release of Flutter 3 in May 2022. It implies that, with a minor modification, you may create and release your app on all these platforms using the same code.

Compared to developing mobile applications for each platform independently, it enables reaching a larger audience without incurring additional significant costs and spending less time on development.

More Rapid Time to Market

According to 91% of developers, Flutter shaved off time from the mobile app development process. Several Flutter features allow for the development of mobile apps much more quickly than native apps. These include:

  • A single code base that makes it possible to create code once and modify it for six distinct platforms.
  • Prefabricated, reusable, and adaptable components and widgets.
  • A feature called “hot reload” makes it unnecessary to restart the application after each code modification.

Lower Product Cost

Flutter’s affordability is yet another excellent argument in its favor. While the ultimate project budget may differ, Flutter apps typically cost 30% to 40% less than native apps.

Hot Reload

Hot reload is a beloved Flutter function, especially cherished by developers and highly valued by business owners. This feature, a cornerstone of the Flutter mobile application development company, enables developers to instantly visualize the changes made to the code without needing to restart the application. Hot reload significantly enhances productivity, saving both time and budget resources.

Overall, it facilitates rapid iteration of code modifications, accelerates error identification and resolution, and fosters a more experimental approach, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

Capability to Create Incredible Design

Flutter’s rich libraries of customizable widgets and components empower developers and designers within a Flutter app development agency to craft mobile applications with unparalleled uniqueness, unleashing their creativity without constraints. Furthermore, the comprehensive selection of built-in Materials and Cupertino widgets facilitates the creation of highly native apps, ensuring exceptional UI and UX design standards. As a result, Flutter enables the development of applications with stunning and contemporary interfaces, delivering seamless user experiences. These apps exhibit high performance and boast minimal opportunities for issues to emerge, ensuring robust functionality and user satisfaction.


Flutter’s dynamic development, propelled by Google’s unwavering dedication, establishes it as a trustworthy and ever-improving mobile programming framework. Recognizing that no framework is flawless, Flutter is a low-risk but effective option for businesses looking for mobile application development solutions.

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