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7 Important FAQs about IVF

Test Tube Baby Cost is distinctive in each case. We cannot predict it without knowing the cause of impotence

When you have approached the IVF Centre in Punjab, then it’s time to say YAY! Now you are ready to begin your motherhood journey. It is completely normal for couples nowadays to be unable to conceive a child normally. It may be because of so many factors, particularly the stressful lifestyle. But why worry, if God has given us a problem, then its solution is offered alongside -Test Tube Baby.


Note: Test Tube Baby Cost is distinctive in each case. We cannot predict it without knowing the cause of impotence.


Is there something different in a Test-tube baby as compared to the other babies?

No, there isn’t anything different in the test tube baby. The only difference between the normal baby and the test tube baby is that:

The embryo of the normal baby is developed inside the female‚Äôs reproductive system. That of the test tube baby is no doubt done by fertilising the egg with the sperm. But the development process takes place outside of the female’s body (in the lab).


Will the rest of the pregnancy be normal?

Immediately after the implantation, the rest of the pregnancy is completely normal. This means the nourishment of the baby for the next 9 months takes place in the uterus as it is.


Should couples be extra careful when conceiving with the IVF process?

Yes, they should be. Since it was extremely complicated for them to conceive with the help of the natural process. So when they have conceived with the artificial process, then they must become extra careful since there are still some chances for them to encounter failure in pregnancy.


Is there any kind of risk associated with IVF?

Since it is the safest procedure and when you have approached a reputable clinic, it becomes even safer. But yes, there is one potential risk for this that should not be hidden from the couples and that is the multiple births. Since it is a natural process and the fertility specialists have no control over it so this might be treated as a potential risk.


Can IVF fail in the first attempt?

In some cases, it can fail. But need not worry, since there is always a scope for another attempt to be performed.


Is IVF the only fertility treatment?

No, there are others as well. If the minimally or non-invasive measures do not come out to be effective, then this treatment is deemed as the last resort.


What is the success rate of IVF?

As far as the success rate is concerned, then it is different for distinctive age groups. For example: For couples who are in the 20 to 30 years age group, it is 80%. But for the couples who have stepped in the advanced maternal age, the rate gets reduced and comes down to 50%.


Final Comments!

If you have been trying to conceive for the last six months or one year, then do not opt for more delay. You should immediately consult your gynaecologist to get a referral to an IVF centre.

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