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The NEXT Exam, applicable to both foreign medical graduates and Indian medical graduates.

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National Exit Test (NEXT):

The National Exit Test (NEXT) embodies a fundamental principle – an unwavering commitment to maintaining high-quality standards in the medical profession.

The erstwhile Medical Council of India (MCI), in its 88-year history, had been marred by increasing corruption. There was substantial evidence indicating officials engaging in illegitimate activities, often in collaboration with political figures. Additionally, the process of adding new members to the medical fraternity lacked uniformity, with foreign medical graduates undergoing the MCI Screening Test, while doctors from Indian Medical Universities were exempt.

Recognizing global variations in the quality of medical education and disparities between government and private institutes, the need for a comprehensive evaluation became apparent. Surveys highlighted these differences, and a significant portion of the medical workforce entering the Indian healthcare industry lacked standardized assessments.

After careful consideration by the Government of India, the National Medical Commission Bill, effective from September 25, 2020, led to the dissolution of the MCI and the establishment of the National Medical Commission. A pivotal decision made by the NMC was the replacement of the MCI Screening Test with the National Exit Test (NEXT).

NMC NEXT Exam Overview

As mentioned earlier, the NMC NEXT Exam stands for the National Exit Test, serving as the exit examination for MBBS. In essence, while NEET UG serves as the entrance exam, NEXT functions as the exit examination.

Let’s delve into the objectives of the NMC NEXT Exam in India. Initially, the exam determines the eligibility of an MBBS graduate to commence their internship. Subsequently, the National Exit Exam score becomes a crucial factor in assessing an aspirant’s merit for Medical PG seats. Ultimately, both foreign and Indian medical graduates who clear the NEXT Exam will obtain the license to practice medicine in India.

In essence, the NEXT Exam amalgamates two distinct examinations – the NMC NEET PG and the MCI Screening Test. Significantly, both foreign and Indian medical graduates will need to successfully pass this unified exam to practice medicine in India, introducing much-needed uniformity.

Overview of the NEXT Exam:

Let’s delve into the structure of the proposed National Exit Test (NEXT).

The NEXT Exam will comprise two stages – NEXT 1 and NEXT 2. In essence, the NEXT 1 Exam serves a dual purpose: determining an aspirant’s eligibility to commence an internship and assessing their knowledge and skill levels for securing a coveted seat in Indian Medical PG programs. Conversely, the NEXT 2 Exam evaluates an aspirant’s eligibility to practice medicine in India.

While the NEXT 2 Exam is primarily a qualifying examination, the NEXT 1 Exam is multifaceted, serving different purposes. It acts as a qualifier for internship entry but adopts a competitive format for Medical PG admission.

In all likelihood, the NEXT 1 Exam will feature multiple-choice questions encompassing both recall questions and those based on clinical analytics. On the other hand, the NEXT 2 Exam is expected to concentrate exclusively on assessing the aspirant’s clinical skills.

NEXT Exam Curriculum Anticipation

Predicting the NEXT Exam syllabus is straightforward, requiring minimal speculation. It is reasonable to expect that the syllabus will encompass all 19 subjects present in the Indian MBBS Curriculum. However, the distribution of weightage among these subjects is likely to differ. Speculatively, the Clinical subjects are anticipated to receive greater emphasis compared to the Pre- and Para-Clinical ones.

Sections in the NEXT Exam Structure

To begin with, the section of the MBBS curriculum designated as Basic Applied Sciences encompasses pre-clinical subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, and more. In each section outlined in the table above, 10% of the questions will be related to topics in Basic Applied Sciences, presented in a Clinical setting. Additionally, 10% of all questions will be connected to the discipline of Preventive Medicine.

Furthermore, an important feature in the NEXT Exam question pattern is anticipated. Only 10% of the 540 questions will be Recall Questions. Approximately 30% will be based on subject comprehension. The remaining 60% will primarily revolve around Clinical Case Scenarios, resembling the structure of the USMLE.

Hence, we consistently advise our students that the MOKSH USMLE package will equip them comprehensively for the NEXT Exam. Nevertheless, the MOKSH NEXT Exam Coaching stands out as the most precise preparation course currently available (refer below).

Crucially, for the latest news on the NEXT Exam and updated NMC announcements, make sure to revisit this page. We will continuously update it with the most recent information.

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