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Indyverse has emerged as a distinguished platform, graced by a constellation of A-list designers.



  1. Farah Khan Ali – Exquisite jewellery, personalized perfection

Farah Khan Ali’s exquisite jewellery designs are a testament to her colorful life experiences and boundless creative imagination. Each piece of jewellery she crafts is intensely personal and entirely unique. Trusting Indyverse, she has shared her exceptional creations with a wider audience, making her jewellery accessible to connoisseurs worldwide.

  1. Falguni Shane Peacock – Unparalleled styling and luxury

Falguni Shane Peacock are known for their unique and unusual styling, coupled with meticulous attention to detail. Their designs define luxury. They’ve chosen Indyverse as a platform to showcase their unparalleled creativity and attention to detail, offering a taste of luxury to fashion enthusiasts globally.

  1. Payal Singhal – Modern Indian bridal magic

Payal Singhal’s focus is on modern Indian bridal and occasion wear infused with a global appeal. By joining forces with Indyverse, she has taken her exquisite designs to the world stage, where her fusion of tradition and modernity has garnered acclaim and admiration.

  1. Shutiq – Specialized sophistication

Shutiq was founded with the sole aim of serving a specialized clientele. Through Indyverse, they have found a platform that caters to their unique vision, connecting them with discerning customers who appreciate their commitment to sophistication and quality.

  1. Mati – Sustainable elegance

Mati’s brand ethos revolves around comfortable silhouettes and sustainable, handwoven fabrics inspired by nature. Their earthy and natural colors set them apart. Indyverse has provided a stage for Mati’s unique approach to fashion, appealing to individuals who appreciate eco-conscious style.

  1. Rocky Star – Relevant luxury

Rocky Star, established in 1995, has a mission to create relevant luxury couture for the ever-evolving global men and women of today. By partnering with Indyverse, they have reached a global audience, offering fashion-forward luxury that resonates with modern sensibilities.

  1. Jatin Malik Couture – Bespoke excellence

Jatin Malik Couture recognizes the importance of individuality in fashion. They delve deep into fabrics, designs, embroideries, and silhouettes, offering bespoke tailoring that meets the highest standards. Indyverse has provided a platform for authentic craftsmanship and exceptional client experiences.

  1. Bohame – Free-spirited fashion

Bohame’s collection caters to free-spirited individuals with modern sensibilities, not only in fashion but also in thought. Indyverse has embraced its vision of free-spirited fashion, making it accessible to those who appreciate unconventional style.

  1. Vikram Phadnis – Bridal and beyond

Vikram Phadnis specializes not only in couture and bridal wear but also in pret and diffusion. His brand offers a comprehensive range of Indian wear. Through Indyverse, he has expanded his reach, bringing his diverse creations to a global audience.

While the names of Farah Khan Ali, Falguni Shane Peacock, Payal Singhal, Shutiq, Mati, Rocky Star, Jatin Malik Couture, Bohame, and Vikram Phadnis shine brightly within Indyverse’s constellation of designers, they are just a glimpse into the boundless creativity and style that the platform offers. 

Indyverse’s ever-expanding family of designers ensures that fashion enthusiasts can continue to explore and discover new trends, styles, and inspirations, making it a true fashion paradise.

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