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Top Physiotherapists in Flushing and Queens

When searching for the top physiotherapy in Physiotherapists and Queens, four practitioners consistently receive top ratings: Dr.

When searching for the top physiotherapy in Physiotherapists and Queens, four practitioners consistently receive top ratings: Dr. Michael Baranov, Dr. Yehuda Litvintchouk, Dr. Patrick Lyo, and Sarah Ahmed, PT.

Dr. Michael Baranov

Dr. Baranov has extensive experience as an orthopedic manual therapist, having worked with professional athletes for over 15 years. He owns Baranov Physical Therapy in Flushing, where he specializes in treating spine, shoulder, hip, and knee injuries. Dr. Baranov’s manual therapy skills are highly refined, using techniques like joint mobilizations, muscle energy, and trigger point therapy to thoroughly assess and address the underlying causes of pain. He ensures meticulous and individualized treatment plans that yield lasting results. Patients appreciate Dr. Baranov’s caring bedside manner and emphasis on empowering them to self-manage their conditions.

Dr. Yehuda Litvintchouk

Dr. Litvintchouk is a fellow in the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists, with advanced training in the treatment of complex spine and extremity issues. As director of Litvintchouk Physical Therapy in Rego Park, Dr. Litvintchouk utilizes his extensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to comprehensively address dysfunctional movement patterns. He expertly applies hands-on techniques alongside therapeutic exercises tailored to each patient’s lifestyle and fitness goals. Those with chronic injuries find relief in Dr. Litvintchouk’s multi-faceted treatment approach and dedication to exploring all causes of pain.

Dr. Patrick Lyo

Dr. Lyo owns and operates Results Physiotherapy in Flushing, where he focuses on musculoskeletal injuries and post-surgical orthopedic conditions. With over 15 years of clinical experience, Dr. Lyo specializes in manual therapy intervention for the spine, shoulders, and knees post-injury or surgery. He ensures meticulous hands-on assessments to pinpoint impairments, then closely monitors progress with objective measures. Athletes seeking high performance gains benefit from Dr. Lyo’s expertise in designing rehabilitation programs to address weaknesses and optimize functionality. His patients appreciate his compassionate care and attention to each individual’s recovery needs and goals.

Sarah Ahmed, PT

Sarah Ahmed is a senior physical therapist at Community Physical Therapy in Astoria specializing in sports injuries and orthopedic conditions. With a focus on musculoskeletal assessment, Ahmed ensures thorough hands-on evaluations to address impairments at their source. She expertly incorporates manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, and soft tissue work tailored to each patient’s sport or activity demands. Runners, cyclists, and athletes of all levels recovering from injuries value Ahmed’s expertise, encouragement to pursue goals safely, and dedication to prevention. Her friendly demeanor and successful outcomes have earned a loyal patient following.

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