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FASTechnologies is the leading provider of advanced post process engineering software for drill and rout application for PCB Manufacturing

An NC drill, also known as a numerically controlled drill, is a machine tool used in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCBs). It is specifically designed to create precision holes in PCBs for various components, such as electronic components or mounting holes.

NC Drill

The NC drill uses computer numerical control (CNC) technology to accurately position and drill holes according to the design specifications. It operates by utilizing drill bits of different sizes and types to create holes of various diameters and depths in the PCB material.
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The NC drill machine receives instructions in the form of a digital file, usually in the Gerber file format, which contains the drilling information, such as the coordinates, hole sizes, and quantities. The machine then automatically positions the PCB and drills the holes accordingly, ensuring precise alignment and consistent hole quality throughout the manufacturing process.

NC-CAM Drill improves drilling productivity by crafting productive, troublefree drill programs. With its unparalleled OptiScan! path optimizer, automatic tooling pin avoidance, and clever multi-tool slots, NC-CAM Drill delivers the latest ideas and techniques in drilling. Clean interfaces to Valor Genesis, IGI PAR/CAM, and CAM-350 artwork CAM systems provide a direct path from your artwork CAM through NC-CAM Drill and on to your production floor.

Also newly-released, NC-CAM Slots are machined utilizing multiple drill diameters to relieve deflection and reduce flute loads. These unique algorithms straighten slots, increase speed, and minimize breakage, even with standard drill bits.
All in all, drilling machines produce more when they’re running programs created with NC-CAM Drill.

NC drills play a crucial role in PCB fabrication, as they enable the creation of intricate and complex circuit board designs with high accuracy and efficiency.

NC-CAM Drill

  • Creates productive, Trouble-free Drill programs
  • Reduces Cycle Time
  • Direct Path From Artwork to production
  • Eliminates Double-Hits and Near-misses
  • Increases speed and Minimizes Breakage

    Production Advantages

    • Clever multi-tool piloting makes slot drilling fast and clean, w/o slot tools
    • New chip-breaking technique takes the “hook” out of short slots
    • OptiScan! path optimizer delivers extremely tight drill paths
    • Automatic tooling pin avoidance can increase throughput 10-20% on many drilling machines
    • Spacing check eliminates doublehits and near-misses
    • ESI-5100 laser driller support handles holes below 10 microns
    • Automatic diameter-check coupons speed drilling verification CAM compatibility
    • Valor ODB++ compatibility assures clean integration with Genesis CAM IGI-POST compatibility assures clean integration with
    • IPC-D-350 compatibility provides a clean integration with CAM-350
    • RS-274X, HPGL, DXF, Excellon input work with almost any CAD program
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