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    LOTUS Containers Inc.

    LOTUS Containers, one of the world’s top Container Suppliers and Container Service Companies has been providing shipping and storage containers with utmost flexibility and ease. With an abundance of cargo containers at disposal, we can help you with all local and international project-related tasks. Being headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, we have a global presence with representative offices present all over the world. We have partnered with over 300 container depots so we can help you with container service even if you are located in any remote or exotic place. We have a distinct variety of new and used freight containers available in all dimensions and with intermodal transportation services, you can get them at your mentioned location after you make the purchase. We also provide specific container buyback services so that you have the freedom of selling the metal container back to us and grabbing a perfect deal.


    Flat Rack Containers

    Flat Rack Containers are a type of specialized container with walls only at the short end of the container. This is why these containers are used when the freight has to be filled from the top or the sides due to varying dimensions or abnormal loads. They are primarily used for the transport of large or bulky cargo, such as equipment, lumber, pipes, buses, vessels, etc., which do not fit into normal cargo boxes and stick out from open sides. Flat rack containers are available in standard sizes of 20ft or 40ft.

    40ft Open Top Container

    Open top containers are one of the different types of containers. Unlike other shipping containers, it is a little different in its structures. As the name itself says, the open-top containers have their roof open. They do not have a fixed solid ceiling. It is opened from the top. All the cargoes that have to be loaded in them can be loaded from the top and main door as well. The top is covered using a tarpaulin. There is not much open-top container in circulation and hence it makes acquiring an OT expensive. LOTUS containers is a top leading container specialist that can help you with all dimensions of open-top containers.

    Cargo Containers for Sale

    At LOTUS Containers, we bring to you a wide range of cargo containers for sale, lease, and purchase. We deal in all twelve types of cargo containers namely- dry van, pallet wide, side door, double door, open-top, hard roof open top, flat rack, platform, reefers, bulkers, insulated containers, and tankers. Keeping in mind your budget and requirement, we have put forward different grades of shipping containers like IICL, Cargo Worthy, and Wind Water Tight. Whether you want a brand or new or a used shipping container, we can everything.