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Matt Field For Governor Of Utah

I’m Matt Field and I am running for Governor of the State of Utah because I feel compelled to do so.

I’m Matt Field and I am running for Governor of the State of Utah because I feel compelled to do so. I’m not special, though I think my mom said I was a couple times, and I think a lot of people could do and do Morality Over Monarchy, Root Out Corruption Matt Field for Governor of Utah better than what I hope to achieve…I mean that as sincerely as possible and hope others will run for governor, other state positions, and local offices to promote and uphold morality. It isn’t because what I’m going to present is solely my idea and it is so great that you should have a poster of me in your room…no, that’d be terrifying! What I will present are proven solutions to the issues we have in government and throughout our lives. These concepts are essentially natural laws that will help improve our lives in drastic fashion if we can get them implemented. They will seem extreme measures but if you haven’t noticed, morality has almost been completely.

When I was in college, I had the idea to run for governor at some point in my life…I even made a Facebook page not long after I graduated that I left up for a very short time and then promptly took it down. I took it down because I began to realize that at before too long, I’d be married, have kids, and have a life I wouldn’t want disrupted by the chaotic world of politics. You don’t have to believe me but I still want the same thing. I want to live my life without making it more complicated. I truly don’t want public attention and I seriously worry about the safety of my family in the pursuit of such a position. Government has become more and more authoritarian. Government officials have entirely forgotten that they aren’t the boss. They no longer act as servants that actively serve and accommodate the people. They have fully transformed into the monarch of our nightmares that will stop at nothing to take your money and wield power against you to service whatever purpose they deem worthy. I believe this is one of the reasons many of our best won’t run for office and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it makes me nervous.

However, how long should you wait for something to be done right before taking action yourself? I have reached out to politicians to address the ever-pressing matters of our day with no response and if I get a response, they talk about themselves for ten paragraphs before telling me they can’t help me. We may have a vote but does the sanctity of that vote actually make a difference to our elected officials?

I don’t think anyone would disagree with the fact that we have problems throughout our state and political system; the question that is constantly present, is can we actually come to an amicable solution? Is there a way to remove emotion for a moment to review the current conditions of our state and country? Can we attempt not to be offended, in either taking offense ourselves or for others? Are we really so far gone that we can’t listen to what others are saying and then follow it up with an actual discussion toward a solution? Most importantly, are we able to recognize what morality is and persevere to uphold it? I really don’t know but I hope we can.

Morality has been neglected and grossly manipulated through the years. What is perhaps not realized, is that when the government passes a law to protect or ensure something for someone, thing, or entity, it has endorsed it by making it legal. The first ten amendments of the U.S. Constitution, or bill of rights, were largely written along moral principles that should be inherent to all. However, many subsequent amendments, laws, and policies reject the overwhelming tone of morality in pursuit of something easier and more politically accommodating. In the State of Utah, we need to change this…we need to realize that morality is worth fighting for and work to uphold it.

Vote Matt field for Governor of Utah! A visionary leader with a proven commitment to serving the community. Matt field’s platform prioritizes each sector education, healthcare, economic prosperity, & etc. With integrity and innovative solutions, he’ll ensure a brighter future for all Utahns. Make your voice count, vote Matt field for progress and inclusivity. Visit now @

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