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Is True Power Chemical Earthing Future-Ready?

True Power, Chemical Earthing and Lightning Arrester Company

With Electrical Earthing becoming more important day by day, good Low Resistance Earthing has become vital for every Electrical Installation. And this has made keeping earthing functioning in all seasons, weathers, and times without fail or any preventive maintenance.

From homes to palatial bungalows and small offices to large commercial/industrial/institutional setups, and from critically important hospitals/ICUs to sensitive Military Installations a Low Resistance Earthing is mandatory.

Today we cannot think of any electrical installation without low resistance earthing which can keep functioning without in ifs and buts.


In the case of poor earthing with High Ground Resistance, a lot comes with risk.

  • Operators and users are at a high risk of getting fatal electrical shocks any time.
  • Electrical Fire is on the Cards and may happen any time due to many reasons.
  • Electrical/Electronics/Digital Equipment’s are at stake and may get burnt or out of order at any time.
  • Chances of Breakdown of machines, microprocessors, controllers, automated systems, and all sensitive instruments are very high, leading to process failures, massive production losses, and unpredicted huge expenses.
  • Probability of Step voltage and Touch voltage grow several times.


Installing a Maintenance Free Low Resistance Earthing has thus become vital for all installations and places.

A low resistance earthing is just not sufficient, as anytime the ground resistance can go high because of several reasons like the dry season, forgetting to add Ground Enhancing Chemicals or Water, etc., in time at regular intervals.

Conventional Earthing with Charcoal and Salt to reduce ground resistance is also not sufficient owing to its short life, corroding surrounding soils, spoiling groundwater table, and staying vulnerable to external environmental conditions to increase the ground resistance at any time without giving prior information or any signal.

What to Do?

The loud and clear answer is to go for True Power Chemical Earthing Solutions, which are Future Ready and completely maintenance-free. True Power Chemical Earthing provides stable ground resistance at all times and keeps you and your assets safe from any electrical hazards arising because of poor-earthing.

True Power is India’s No. 1 Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing.

Manufactured in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants under strict supervision and inspection of industry experts with full compliance to IS/IEC 60364, True Power Chemical Earthing has become the World’s most preferred Earthing across PAN India and selected countries.


True Power Earthing Solutions are Future Ready as these solutions are derived from intense site surveys and load requirements, keeping all environmental, weather, and climatic conditions under consideration and staying in service life for several years without fail. This Chemical Earthing provides a stable ground resistance at all times, keeping your earthing network ready to handle all types of requirements arising in the future.


Talk to us Today and protect your people and assets from unnecessary losses and wastage of money, energy, and time.


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