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    The plum-like fruits of the Indonesian native Myristica fragrans tree mature and split open to expose a seed coated in shell that is encased in a fleshy crimson outer lattice known as an aril. The seed within the shell forms nutmeg, and the aril is taken out and dried to make mace or javitri. Mace, which derives from sabinene (fresh), pinene (pine), myristicin (woody), and methyl eugenol, has a sweeter, more refined taste than nutmeg, despite the fact that they are often combined in spice blends for baked products and ground meats.


    Javitri, or mace, is a spice derived from the outer shell of the nutmeg seed. It offers a delicate, slightly sweeter flavor compared to nutmeg and can be incorporated into various dishes. Use it sparingly in baking, beverages, savory dishes, and vegetarian cooking to add a warm, aromatic flavor. Mace works well in pastries, soups, meat rubs, vegetable stir-fries, and rice dishes, and pairs nicely with cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. To preserve its potency, store it somewhere cold and dark.

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