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Creating presentations has never looked easier! Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence.

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Creating presentations has never looked easier! Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence. With Google’s latest AI innovation, there is a tool that can create presentations for you using content available in your Drive and Gmail. Using Duet AI, you can generate a presentation using images, texts, and charts without compromising on relevancy. Fast and efficient, Duet AI for Google Workspace certainly makes it easy for you to create a last-minute presentation without putting heavy stress on your life.

Google makes it easy to attend meetings you have missed – thanks to Duet AI.

Meetings can be extremely stressful, and if you have to attend lots of meetings within a day, it becomes even more exhausting.

With Duet AI, you may experience a much more rewarding experience in meetings without draining your energy. This AI tool emphasizes the quality of sound and camera during the meeting. When using this AI-based tool, you will look sharp while audible, thanks to studio sound, studio look, and studio lighting. There is also the option for face detection for every member who attends the meeting using a common camera. The dynamic tiles option prevents the face from getting blurred. Shortly, Duet AI will also include an auto-language translation feature, supporting 18 languages.

Duet AI promises to do many things and more to make your meeting more engaging and praiseworthy

This is one generative AI tool for work that promises to keep you engaged during meetings and eliminate the stressful environment. Duet AI will be able to capture any type of action item, be it notes or video snippets, with its Take Notes FOR Me feature. Once the meeting concludes, all the attendees will receive a summary of the meeting through this feature, thanks to Duet AI. Everything becomes so convincing and systematic, yet less stressful.

A bit for everyone, the latecomers and those who have failed to attend the meeting

More features, and that’s not all! A more effective set of features makes Duet AI such a strong competitor in the market. This innovative meeting solution from Google comes with a quick recap feature for those who have joined late in the meeting. The feature, SUMMARIES SO FAR, provides latecomers with a briefing on everything they have missed until now.

Then, some have not attended the meeting, there is the feature ATTEND FOR ME. With this feature, you will remain artificially present in the meeting without your actual physical existence. Any proposal that you want to share in the meeting will be shared through this feature of Duet AI, with the assurance of a recap after the conclusion of the meeting.

Connect anywhere anytime for a quick word or two

There may not be a requirement for a full-fledged meeting to make certain decisions. A brief interaction can simply serve your purpose. With Duet AI for Google Workspace, you can have a quick talk with someone on the go. The user interface is user-friendly and includes a better search tab and several shortcuts to make it easier for any user.

Duet AI also makes it possible to create a summary of any shared documents and provide snippets of missed conversations. You can also chat with this AI bot and ask different questions related to your content or something else.

The best protection of data used in Workspace through Duet AI

Google has always been very particular about data protection in its workspace. With the introduction of Duet AI for Google Workspace, maintaining the security and privacy of data becomes tighter and stronger. Everything you use under Duet AI remains private to you only.

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