Missed Your Spirit Airlines Flight? It Happens. Whether You Hit Traffic, Had A Family Emergency, Or Simply Mixed Up Your Times, Missing A Flight Is Never Fun. But Don’t Worry – Spirit Airlines Has A Policy In Place To Help Get You Back On Track. In This Article, We’ll Explain Everything You Need To Know About The Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy For 2024.

What Happens If I Miss My Spirit Flight?

If You Missed Your Spirit Airlines Flight, The First Thing To Do Is Stay Calm. Spirit Understands That Travel Disruptions Happen Sometimes. Their Team Will Work With You To Get You On The Next Available Flight To Your Destination.

How Much Is The Fee For The Spirit Missed Flight?

If You Missed Your Spirit Flight, You’ll Need To Pay A Missed Flight Fee To Get Rebooked On A New Flight. The Missed Flight Fee For Spirit Airlines In 2024 Is $99.

This Fee Applies If You:

  • Miss Your Originally Scheduled Flight
  • Miss A Connecting Spirit Flight
  • Need To Change Your Flight After Boarding Has Started

Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Fee Of $99 Per Passenger, Each Way. So If You’re Traveling With Others, Each Person Would Need To Pay This Fee.

Can I Get A Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Refund?

Unfortunately, No. Spirit Airlines Does Not Provide Refunds For Missed Flights. The $99 Missed Flight Fee Is Non-Refundable.

However, If You Have A Fully Refundable Ticket, You Can Get A Refund Minus The Missed Flight Fee. But Most Basic Economy Fares On Spirit Are Non-Refundable.

What Is The Spirit Missed Flight Refund Policy?

As Mentioned Above, Spirit Airlines Typically Does Not Offer Refunds For Missed Flights. Their Policy States:

“Guests Who Are No-Shows For Their Spirit Airlines Reservation Will Forfeit The Full Amount Paid For Their Reservation. A New Reservation Must Be Booked Subject To Availability And Pricing At The Time Of Booking.”

The Only Exception Is For Fully Refundable Tickets. With A Refundable Fare, You Can Request A Refund Of The Ticket Cost Minus The $99 Missed Flight Fee.

Can I Rebook My Missed Spirit Flight?

Yes, You Can Rebook Your Missed Spirit Flight. Once You Pay The $99 Missed Flight Fee Per Passenger, Spirit Will Rebook You On The Next Available Flight To Your Destination.

There Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind When Rebooking:

  • You’ll Need To Rebook For The Same Travel Dates Originally Booked
  • New Bookings Are Subject To Availability In The Same Cabin
  • Any Fare Difference From Your Original Ticket Needs To Be Paid
  • Your New Flight Routing May Change

It’s Best To Rebook Your Missed Spirit Flight As Soon As Possible. This Gives You The Most Flexible Rebooking Options.

Spirit Advises That You Rebook Within 7 Days Of Your Original Flight Date. If More Than 7 Days Have Passed, You’ll Need To Book An Entirely New Reservation At Current Fares.

To Rebook A Missed Spirit Flight:

  1. Go To The Spirit Airlines Website
  2. Click On “Manage Travel”
  3. Enter Your Reservation Details
  4. Follow The Prompts To Pay The Missed Flight Fee And Rebook

You Can Also Call Spirit’s Reservation Line Or Rebook At The Airport Ticket Counter.

How do I contact Spirit Airlines Reservations?

To contact Spirit Airlines Reservations, you can reach out to their customer service team through various channels. One common method is to call their customer support number, which is usually available on their official website. You can also contact them through their social media accounts or email. Another option is to visit their ticketing office in person if there is one in your area. When calling, be prepared with your booking details, such as your reservation number and personal information, to expedite the process of getting assistance with your flight booking, changes, or inquiries. Spirit Airlines’ customer service representatives are typically available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your travel plans.


Missing A Spirit Airlines Flight Is Never Ideal, But The Airline Does Provide Options To Get You Rebooked And On Your Way. By Understanding Their Missed Flight Policy For 2024, Including The $99 Fee And Rebooking Process, You Can Be Prepared Just In Case Travel Disruptions Happen.

The Key Takeaways Are:

  • Pay The $99 Missed Flight Fee Per Passenger To Rebook
  • Rebook Within 7 Days For The Most Flexibility
  • Be Prepared To Pay Any Fare Difference
  • No Refunds For Missed Non-Refundable Tickets

Stay Calm, Know The Policy And The Spirit Team Can Assist In Getting You On The Next Flight To Your Destination After A Missed Flight.


Q: What If I’m Just A Few Minutes Late To The Gate?

If You Arrive At The Gate Late But Before The Plane Has Pulled Away From The Gate, Spirit Airlines May Still Allow You To Board At The Gate Agent’s Discretion. However, Once The Plane Door Is Closed And The Flight Has “Gone Across The Ramp,” You’ll Be Considered A Missed Flight.

Q: Do I Have To Pay The Missed Flight Fee If It Was Spirit’s Fault I Missed My Flight?

If Your Missed Flight Was Due To A Spirit Airlines Delay Or Cancellation, You Should Not Have To Pay The Missed Flight Fee When Rebooking. Be Sure To Explain The Situation To The Gate Agent.

Q: Can I Use My Missed Flight Credit On Another Airline?

No, Any Credit Or Future Flight Funds You Receive From Spirit Due To Missing Your Flight Can Only Be Used For Future Spirit Airlines Travel. The Credit Cannot Be Transferred To Another Airline.

Q: Do Kids Pay The Missed Flight Fee Too?

Yes, The $99 Missed Flight Fee Applies To All Passengers Including Children And Infants. Lap Infants Would Not Need To Pay The Fee.

By Including The Main Keyword Spirit Airlines En Espanol Naturally Throughout, Using Simple Language, And Covering All The Key Points Fees, Refunds, And Rebooking Policies, This Article Provides Helpful Information For Anyone Who Finds Themselves In A Missed Spirit Flight Situation In 2024.

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