Step into the world of luxury wedding planning with Roberta Torresan, an industry veteran whose journey began over a decade ago. Enchanted by Italy’s magical landscapes and cultural heritage, she specializes in curating unforgettable experiences in iconic Italian locations. From the romantic ambiance of the Amalfi Coast to the historical significance of Rome, Roberta’s approach blends elegance with personalization, ensuring each wedding reflects the couple’s unique style and desires. Facing challenges with flexibility and preparation, she navigates unexpected situations seamlessly, while her commitment to excellence extends to selecting partners who share her passion for creating extraordinary moments. Balancing current trends with timeless elegance, Roberta crafts weddings that are both stylish and enduring. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, she leads the way in shaping the future of luxury weddings in Italy. For Roberta, the ultimate satisfaction lies in seeing her clients’ visions come to life, creating moments of joy and love that last a lifetime.

Embarking on a Passionate Pursuit

We started the interview by asking, “Roberta, could you share with us how you began your journey in the luxury wedding planning industry, and what motivated you to specialize in iconic Italian locations?”

Roberta Torresan replied, “My journey in the luxury wedding planning industry began over a decade ago. I was always enchanted by the magical landscapes and the rich cultural heritage of Italy. It was the beauty of a wedding in Rome that captured my heart, and from there, I knew I wanted to help couples discover and enjoy the unparalleled charm of Italian locations for their special day.”

Breathtaking Inspirations

The Worlds Times: What inspires your approach to planning luxury weddings in places like Amalfi Coast, Florence, Rome, and Lake Como?

Roberta Torresan replied, “The breathtaking scenery and the romantic ambiance of places like the Amalfi Coast, Florence, Rome, and Portofino are what inspire me the most. The elegance inherent in these locations, combined with their historical and artistic significance, sets a spectacular stage for any luxury wedding.”

Overcoming Obstacles

The Worlds Times: Organizing high-end weddings in famous venues comes with its set of challenges. Can you share a particularly challenging situation you’ve faced and how you overcame it?

Roberta Torresan replied, “One challenging situation was when a sudden weather change threatened an outdoor wedding in Tuscany. We quickly implemented our contingency plan, adjusting the location to a beautiful ballroom indoor. Flexibility and preparation are key in this industry.”

Harmonizing High Expectations

The Worlds Times: You’ve mentioned that your clients have a strong appreciation for beauty and demand the best. How do you manage and align your clients’ high expectations with the realities of planning a luxury wedding?

Roberta Torresan replied, “Managing high expectations starts with clear communication. I ensure that my clients are involved in every step, so their vision aligns with the logistical and creative aspects of planning. It’s about crafting an experience that’s not just beautiful but also achievable.”

Crafting Uniqueness

The Worlds Times: How do you ensure that each wedding you plan is unique and reflects the personal style and desires of the couple?

Roberta Torresan replied, “I believe that personalization is the essence of a unique wedding. We start with extensive consultations to understand the couple’s story, preferences, and dreams. This becomes the foundation upon which every detail is carefully curated to reflect their individual style.”

Crafting Excellence

The Worlds Times: Selecting the right vendors and venues is crucial for a luxury wedding. Can you describe your selection process and what you look for in potential partners?

Roberta Torresan replied, “Selecting the right vendors and venues is an art. I look for partners who exhibit not only excellence in their field but also a passion for creating something extraordinary. They must share our commitment to perfection and attention to detail.”

Harmonizing Modern Trends with Timeless Elegance

The Worlds Times: In the world of luxury weddings, how do you balance between incorporating current trends and ensuring the wedding remains timeless?

Roberta Torresan replied, “Balancing trends with timelessness is all about moderation. I incorporate current trends as accents that complement the overall classic elegance of a wedding, ensuring that the event remains stylish and timeless.”

Moments of Splendor

The Worlds Times: Could you share a memorable moment from a wedding you’ve organized that exemplifies the type of experience you strive to create for your clients?

Roberta Torresan replied, “A memorable moment was during a sunset ceremony in Portofino when the bride arrived in a vintage Italian car, like in “La Dolce Vita” famous movie. The look of awe on everyone’s faces as she made her entrance was magical. It’s these touches that create an unforgettable experience.”

Mastering the Unexpected

The Worlds Times: No event is without its surprises. How do you prepare for and handle unexpected situations during a wedding?

Roberta Torresan replied, “I always have a Plan B (and C) for every element of the event. My team and I are constantly prepared to pivot and handle surprises with poise and efficiency, ensuring that the couple remains blissfully unaware of any hiccups.”

Guidance from the Expert

The Worlds Times: Based on your extensive experience, what advice would you give to couples planning a luxury wedding in Italy?

Roberta Torresan replied, “My advice is to trust the process and your planner. Allow the beauty of Italy and its traditions to guide your choices, and remember that a luxury wedding is not just about opulence, but about creating a personal and meaningful experience.”

Shaping the Future

The Worlds Times: How do you see the luxury wedding industry in Italy evolving in the next few years, and how do you plan to adapt?

Roberta Torresan replied, “I see the luxury wedding industry embracing more sustainable practices while continuing to innovate. My plan is to lead the way in sustainable luxury, ensuring that we create stunning weddings that are also respectful of the environment and local communities.”

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