With the growing student population and expanding library resources within educational institutions, traditional library management systems have become not only time-consuming but also challenging to maintain. In response to this challenge, an automated integrated library management system has emerged. Capitalizing on the current trend of Cloud computing in the educational sector, Cloud-based software services are gaining popularity among library users in India. Many significant applications are transitioning to the cloud, and customers are readily embracing this shift. In line with this trend, we are transitioning our LIBSYS sites from on-premises licenses to subscription-based models hosted on the Cloud.


Cloud-Based Solution – Access Anytime, Anywhere

A cloud-based integrated library management system has revolutionized library management by introducing a “management on the go” feature. The interfaces are thoughtfully designed for cross-platform usability, meeting the basic requirements of any library. This approach alleviates the burden on library staff and offers expanded access to resources from any location at any time, using various devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and smartphones.

The integrated library management software includes an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) search interface, providing cloud-based access to library resources. Through OPAC, patrons can search for information by author, title, location, and subject.


Reasons for Global Adoption of Cloud-Based ILMS

– Cost-Efficiency
Maintaining IT infrastructure for high-end web applications typically requires significant capital expenditure. With a subscription-based model, customers pay according to their usage, eliminating the need for heavy initial investments.

– Automatic Software Updates
Software updates are seamlessly applied to deployed applications as soon as they become available, ensuring no downtime.

– 24/7 Availability
Users can access applications remotely 24/7 from anywhere, with an industry-standard uptime of 99.9%.

– Reliable Database Backups
Scheduled and automatic database backups are conducted in the cloud, providing peace of mind in case of unforeseen issues.

– Secure, Scalable, and Reliable
Cloud-based web applications are fortified with robust security measures and stringent authentication. Scalability is dynamic, adjusting to user needs with the reliability required for critical applications.

– Efficient Troubleshooting
Cloud deployment offers prompt maintenance with quick issue resolution through a single point of contact.

– Single Point of Contact
Users need only contact one service provider for problem resolution, resulting in speedy and effective solutions.

– Enhanced Return on Investment
Beyond financial savings, all stakeholders enjoy various inherent benefits, as they are freed from day-to-day operational concerns, allowing them to focus on their core tasks.


To enhance efficiency and reduce IT infrastructure and manpower costs, libraries are embracing cloud computing. This technology enables libraries to provide swift and efficient access while minimizing paper waste and optimizing system utilization. Integration of library systems into a cloud environment ensures libraries operate at peak efficiency.

LIBSYS has a cloud-based library management system that enhances user experience. It redefines library automation to the next level with flexible, scalable, and reliable cloud technology. With cloud-based library applications, one need not worry about rising server costs, expensive hardware, software updates, software maintenance, system dependency, and data security.

Increase access to resources from Anywhere, Any Time using Any Device with Integrated Library Management System Software.

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