If the revision of a replaced knee has been recommended, don’t worry. It is a legitimate concern that you want to know if this procedure is safe in India. Let’s address this question here along with all the information you must know.

Overview of Revision Knee Replacement Surgery

When your knee joint starts becoming chronically painful and inflamed, a surgeon might suggest a knee replacement. In this surgical procedure, the worn-out parts of the knee are removed and the operated areas are resurfaced with the help of prostheses or artificial parts.

After a knee replacement, your implants might loosen, dislocate or get damaged because of external traumas or your negligence. That is the time when you will have to go for revision surgery.

Under a revision, the dysfunctional or damaged implants are taken away and thus, they are replaced with new ones.

Although a revision is a complicated procedure as the surgeon only has to treat the condition without removing anything further away from the knee as most of the parts like cartilage, bone heads, etc have already been removed during the initial replacement, there is nothing to worry about with an experienced surgeon.

So, if you are looking for a revision knee replacement in Delhi, you must ensure that whoever you meet is well-qualified and experienced.

Is knee replacement revision successful in India?

Yes, this is successful in India without a doubt.

If it is not successful in India, it can fail everywhere. Whether it is India or any other foreign country, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that you connect with the right orthopedic doctor.

Everyone willing to spend a little extra money will get the best revision results without any complications in almost every corner of the world.

Looking for affordable solutions isn’t going to get you anywhere. That is why most of the time you lose your chance of having a successful surgery. With enough money, you can find the best treatment anywhere.

Yet, finding the best surgeon first is crucial. Make sure you decide on the best doctor using the following criteria.

Qualification: your orthopedic surgeon must have an MBBS degree and a MS (Orthopedics) degree from a recognised university and they have to be registered under the medical council as well.

Experience: Ensure the surgeon is offering revisions for at least 5-8 years if not more.

Testimonials: You can also find good doctors by taking previous patients’ opinions into consideration.

Reviews: Good online reviews can also help connect with the most experienced replacement surgeons.

Referrals: See if you can manage to meet a doctor through someone you already know.

Fellowship: An orthopedic surgeon who has received fellowship training as well is always deemed more updated with the latest techniques and researches than the ones without it.

Online Visibility: If a particular specialist is claiming to be a good doctor with assurance of results online, one can surely opt for a consultation with him.

Hospital Associations: Specialists associated with good medical institutions are also capable as the hospital reputation depends on the doctors of that hospital.

Geographical Location: Famous and population-rich places always house the best orthopedic surgeons.

Insurance: See that the hospital where your doctor treats you accepts the claim from the insurance that you already bought.

Benefits of knee replacement revision

The biggest advantage of a revision is that you are saved from knee pain initiated by the abnormalities related to the implants.

You will regain joint mobility once again. Revision surgery helps mobilise your knees better.

If there are alignment issues, you will have them no more. After a fall or external trauma, initially replaced implants might loosen, or dislocate, but a revision will correct all such conditions without any problems.

All the immobility problems due to implant damage that happened because of your own negligence can be corrected with a revision. And you will be able to live your life to the fullest once again.

Ultimately, the improved quality of life is the best upside.

Foods to eat after a revision

There is not something, in particular, you should eat after the surgery. Yet, there are certain food items you must skip.

First of all, make sure that you take enough protein. It will help repair the operated muscles increasing their mass and strength. It will boost the recovery process and you will not have to be dependent for long.

In addition, calcium along with vitamin D is also crucial. The former helps increase bone strength while the latter facilitates the absorption of the calcium taken.

If possible, vitamin C must also be ensured because of its anti-inflammatory properties. And finally, don’t forget to follow the advice of your doctor as well.

Things to avoid right after a revision knee replacement

Immediately after the surgery, your surgeon will offer complete rehabilitation care so you can get back to your normal life without any complications.

But, even after you have recovered well from the knee revision, keep in mind the following things.

Adventure Sports: If you don’t avoid sports where you are highly prone to breaking your joints, you might end up breaking your revised knees once again.

High-Impact Activities: Stay away from high-impact activities like strenuous exercises, heavy exercises, weight-bearing activities, etc.

Muscle Strain: Avoid overexercising as it might strain your muscles, giving rise to unwanted knee complications and it might not be possible this time to correct the situation.

Calcium Deficiency: If you lack the calcium you need to keep your bones and joints healthy, you won’t be able to sustain an efficient revised knee for long. Diet always plays an important part in keeping every part of your body fit and healthy.


A knee revision is always successful in India if you have connected with the right specialist. For the best revision hip replacement in Delhi, make sure you ensure the best doctor first. The treatment might be a bit expensive but it will be worth it.

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