Being a subscriber of Globe, you must be intrigued to check your load balance to know whether you have enough load balance to share or make a call. Checking your Globe load is good if you are currently subscribed to a promo to know your balance and you can know when your prepaid promo will expire. Upon subscribing to the Mobile data promo, you will also know how many MBS you have remaining to use later.

If you are a Globe user, then knowing the Globe balance inquiry method, will be good to proceed with other promos or reload it.

In this post, we will let you know how to balance inquiry in globe. Keep reading it.

How To Check Load Balance In Globe?

Checking your Globe balance load is a super easy and free method that you can perform as many times as you wish. There are some proven ways to check your Globe load whether messaging a keyword, dialing a number, or using the SIM menu. You can pick a method you are comfortable with.  Here is  how to check load balance in globe

  • Dial *143#

It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to check your Globe Balance if you don’t remember any keywords.

  1. Dial the USSDcode *143# , a menu will appear, it will show you how much-prepaid load, you have left in your account.
  2. Now proceed to check your remaining data balance, 
  3. Enter the corresponding number and choose My Account.
  4. Now press “Send”.
  5. Afterward, choose “Data Balance”.
  6. Here, you will get a message that tells about your remaining data allocation.
  • Dial the number 222

Another method to check your Globe Load is, you write a text message and send it to the number 222, 

You will get a text message containing your balance, expiration date, and free texts. Unfortunately, it will not show your mobile data balance, even if you are subscribed to a Mobile data promo. 

  • Text “DATA BAL” to 8080

If you are subscribed to any promo and desire to know how much data you have left, then here is how to check load balance in globe 

  1. Text “DATA BAL” to the number 8080.
  2. You will get a message with a summary of your remaining data allocation.

All the above methods are free to know your Globe Load, and you can pick any from it as per your need.

  • Make a call on 222

Another way to check your globe balance inquiry is to dial the number 222. This is an automated service number that will immediately send you a text message containing your prepaid balance, but not your data balance. To know your data balance text “DATA BAL” to 8080.

In conclusion, if you want to know how much-prepaid load you have, text “BAL” to the number 222. If you wish to know How much mobile data you have consumed and how much is left, you can dial “DATA BAL” to the number 8080 and get detailed information about your data balance.

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