Registering a gift deed is a crucial step in legally transferring ownership of property from a donor to a donee. This process provides legal validity and authenticity to the gift transaction. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to register a gift deed, including the required documentation:
1. Prepare the Gift Deed:
Draft a comprehensive gift deed that clearly outlines the details of the gift, including the property being transferred, the identities of the donor and donee, and any conditions or terms associated with the gift.
2. Gather Required Documents:
Identity Proof: Copies of identification documents such as Aadhaar card, passport, or driver’s license for both the donor and donee.
Property Documents: Title deed, sale deed, or any other relevant documents proving the donor’s ownership of the property.
Encumbrance Certificate: A document obtained from the Sub-Registrar’s office confirming that the property is free from any encumbrances or liabilities.
No Objection Certificate (NOC): If applicable, obtain a NOC from legal heirs or other concerned parties.
3. Visit the Sub-Registrar’s Office:
Both the donor and donee, along with witnesses, must visit the Sub-Registrar’s office in the jurisdiction where the property is located.
4. Submission of Documents:
Present the original gift deed and supporting documents to the Sub-Registrar for verification and registration.
5. Payment of Stamp Duty and Fees:
Pay the applicable stamp duty and registration fees as per the Stamp Act of the respective state. The amount of stamp duty varies based on the property’s value and location.
6. Verification and Execution:
The Sub-Registrar will verify the documents and ensure compliance with legal requirements.
Both the donor and donee, along with witnesses, will be required to sign the gift deed in the presence of the Sub-Registrar.
7. Attestation and Registration:
The Sub-Registrar will attest the gift deed and affix the official seal.
The gift deed will then be officially registered in the Sub-Registrar’s records.
8. Receipt of Registered Document:
After registration, the Sub-Registrar will provide a certified copy of the registered gift deed to the donor and donee. This certified copy serves as proof of ownership transfer.
9. Retention of Original Document:
The original registered gift deed will be retained by the Sub-Registrar’s office for record-keeping purposes.
10. Post-Registration Formalities:
Update property records and titles to reflect the change in ownership.
If applicable, notify relevant authorities such as municipal corporations or housing societies about the change in ownership.
Important Points to Note:
Registration of the gift deed is essential to make the transfer legally valid and enforceable.
Both the donor and donee, along with witnesses, must be present during the registration process.
Stamp duty and registration fees must be paid as per the applicable rates.
Ensure that all documents are accurate and complete to avoid any delays or complications during registration.
By following these steps and completing the necessary documentation, individuals can register a gift deed smoothly and ensure the legal transfer of property ownership from the donor to the donee. It’s advisable to seek guidance from legal professionals or experts to ensure compliance with all legal requirements and procedures.

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