What exactly is email Marketing repair kit?

Email marketing has changed and unless your subscribers adopt the latest methods and strategies that are working in 2024 and beyond, chances are they will not see much email marketing success.

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Who is this created for?

The training is designed to help marketers at all levels, beginners get a quick start guide to guide them through the basics to create a powerful email marketing system and experienced marketers will learn how to check domain scoring, create postmaster tools and get detailed information to remove IPs and domains from 13 blacklist services.

What’s Included

We have created a comprehensive resource delivered in 10 modules that provides step-by-step information to create a brand-new email marketing system built on creating a trusted sender domain which is essential post Gmail’s recent updates.

We include lots of links to outstanding free tools to check and improve subject lines, and check for spam, blacklisting and sender scores which is essential to create a trusted sender reputation.

The Front End Offer

This is not a training guide to show how to create and validate the domain records now required by Google although we do provide access to a free tool that completes this

The main focus of the training is how to create a complete email marketing system with a trusted sender domain reputation that is set up for success in 2024 and beyond

Unless a sending domain is classed as having a trusted sender reputation, everything else that you have been told is important (and it is) is secondary because your emails will not get past the spam filters that block 99.9% of all spam emails

The training is delivered in 10 modules with additional resource modules, and we provide a simple process that includes checking a current domain name reputation, steps required to rescue a poor domain and how to create important accounts to help monitor future reputations

We provide detailed information to create the perfect campaign and a troubleshooting module to walk through the process of checking for blacklists and how we remove domains quickly and easily that are blocked

This is, without doubt, the most detailed training ever produced for email marketers to get better results in 2024 and beyond

How to create the perfect email campaign

Writing style is a personal choice but you must create your campaign with the fundamentals in place to ensure your email is delivered to the recipient’s inbox not spam box.

In this training, you will learn how to structure your campaigns to pass the spam filters and score the highest possible scores by sending a variety of campaigns

Build relationships.

Boost brand awareness. .

Promote your content.

Generate leads.

Market your products.

Nurture leads.

A great email starts with a great subject line and if you are short on inspiration, we include the top 50 subject line examples proven to convert once you have created your perfect subject line

We provide free access to a great tool that checks the subject line for several factors and provides a score showing you the chances of getting past the spam filters.

It is pointless spending time to create the best converting email copy if the email doesn’t get past the spam filters and this is an invaluable free tool

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