Coursiify Review – Introduction

Welcome to my Coursiify review post. Do you want to own e-learning platform? Coursiify is the only app that will help you build a trusted e-learning platform just like Udemy or Masterclass.

In today’s online era, e-learning is in great demand. Millions of people are taking e-learning courses, spending thousands of dollars. With this in mind, Seyi Adeleke designed a life-changing system called Coursiify. Coursiify will help you build a fully functional eLearning business in minutes.

Say hello to AI Assistant Sonia, she’ll set you up with thousands of courses, course outlines, content, images, articles, videos, FAQs, everything on the e-learning platform. Coursiify is offering you full, unlimited and lifetime access.

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Coursiify Review – What Is Coursiify?

Cursify is “machine learning” powered by the smart AI assistant Sonia. Sonia will turn any keyword into an e-learning platform in seconds.

What is not in it! Packed with courses, course titles, videos, images, templates, reviews, FAQs and more.

No experience required. Just stay with Sonia and see how effortlessly she manages everything.


Coursiify Review – Here Is What Coursiify Will Do For You

AI Smart-ChatBot:

Coursiify is an engaging e-learning platform. It is an app that is powered by AI smart assistant. Just tell Sonia what you want to make and she will make it for you in seconds.

AI Stunning Templates:

Choose stunning templates from the library with just one click. Express your creativity by customizing your branding. No design or coding skills required.

AI Course Generator:

Coursiify will turn any keyword you provide into a complete course with videos, images, articles, syllabi, course outlines, table of contents, reviews, FAQs, and everything in between. You don’t need to be an expert in this field, you don’t need to write or record anything, Coursiify will do it all for you.

AI Image Generator:

No need to hire a designer or learn Photoshop. Just enter a keyword to create attractive images for your website. AI Image Generator will do the rest for you.

Course Curriculum Manager:

Create 14x more engaging course pages from Udemy. Course Curriculum Manager will collect all your videos and create a curriculum for your students.

Progress Tracker:

Track your progress effortlessly with the progress tracker. Stay committed to your students’ learning journey from a single convenient page. And increase your earning potential.

AI Quizzes:

Keep your students engaged and happy with AI quizzes. These quizzes are automatically generated. You can keep your students happily immersed in learning without having to write anything.

Coupon Generator:

Coursiify lets you create fully customized coupons without any complicated setup. You can sell it for free or with a discount if you want.

Course Chatting System:

AI chat system will manage the course chatting system for your students to chat and learn with each other. You don’t have to do anything.

AI Sales Report Generator:

You don’t have to be an experienced accountant. AI Sales Report Generator will generate your sales report in one click. This will let you know exactly where you are making money and help build a scale.

Built-In Traffic Generator:

Flood your e-learning platform with tons of traffic effortlessly with this powerful tool. You don’t have to pay for any ads or struggle with SEO.

FREE Commercial License:

Coursiify will let you sell any course of your choice and pay you 100% of the profits. It will offer free commercial licenses for a limited time. You don’t have to share royalties with anyone for this.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee:

You try it for 30 days. If for some reason you feel it’s not worth its weight in gold! But you message and you will be refunded within 24 hours.

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