Are you thinking about sailing in St Maarten? Come join us for a sail where you don’t just look at the sea – you feel it, dance with it, and enjoy the islands in a super chill way.

At Sail the Phoenix, we don’t just offer a sailing trip – we provide an experience. You won’t just be an observer; you’ll be part of the sea adventure. Our boats will take you to hidden gems, crystal-clear waters for snorkeling, and the natural beauty of the islands. Leave the ordinary behind; come aboard and let Sail the Phoenix be your gateway to a day filled with pure joy on the Caribbean sea.

Sail the Phoenix is the place to be for an awesome catamaran trip! Here are 8 reasons why you should totally book with us.

1. Breathtaking Scenery

Hop on board our catamaran cruise in St Maarten, and let the sea be your happy place. We, at Sail the Phoenix, are all about giving you an experience that’s extra special. Feel the wind, bask in the Caribbean sun, and sail along the coast, finding hidden spots and quiet beaches.

What makes our St Maarten catamaran charter special is the view. Our catamarans are super comfy, giving you the perfect spot to enjoy the beauty around you. See the ocean’s colors change from light blue to deep blue as you sail. Our catamaran trips in St Maarten are all about exploring nearby islands. Cruise along, see lush landscapes, and learn cool stuff about the local culture and history from our friendly crew.

Sail with us for a chance to chill at the sea, enjoy the open water, and make memories with your family and friends. Our catamaran cruise is perfect for those who want a laid-back yet exciting time, away from the usual tourist hustle.

2. Professional Crew

Our professional crew is at the heart of what makes Sail the Phoenix a trusted name in St. Maarten sailboat charters. We prioritize your safety deeply, and our experienced team is committed to ensuring your journey is not only enjoyable but also worry-free. From the moment you join us, you’ll be welcomed by a crew dedicated to making your catamaran cruise in St. Maarten a seamless adventure.

At Sail the Phoenix, we believe in the power of simplicity. Our sightseeing tours in St. Maarten offer a laid-back yet exhilarating atmosphere, where you can relax and soak in the beauty of the surroundings. We steer clear of unnecessary complexities, making sailing in St. Maarten a breeze for both seasoned sailors and first-timers.

Our crew is well-trained, creating a secure environment for you to explore the best catamaran day sail in St. Maarten. They operate with precision and efficiency, ensuring that safety measures are seamlessly incorporated into your sailing experience. You can trust us to navigate the stunning Caribbean waters, leaving you free to enjoy the scenic beauty without a worry on your mind.

3. Snorkeling Tours

Think about being on a comfy boat, cruising the super clear St Maarten waters. The ride to the best snorkeling spots is like a pretty sightseeing trip. You’ll feel the wind, see hidden spots, and get excited about the underwater world. When you’re ready, jump into the blue water and let the fun begin.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a snorkeling pro or a first-timer – everyone’s welcome. Swim with colorful fish and maybe even spot a sea turtle or a ray. Our guides know all the cool stuff and will show you around, making it a learning experience too.

For those who like a bit of excitement, check out the underwater caves and cool coral arches. The sea world is full of surprises, and it’s like being in a magical place. Sail the Phoenix isn’t just a snorkeling tour – it’s a day of fun, sun, and discovering the cool underwater world in St Maarten.

4. Delicious Hot Meals

Our well-kept boats let you feel the sun and wind while catching whiffs of amazing smells from our onboard kitchen. What makes Sail the Phoenix unique is our yummy menu that matches St Maarten’s beauty and makes your journey even better.

Our chef creates a menu mixing local and international flavors. There’s something for everyone, whether you like seafood or classic dishes. From perfectly grilled catch-of-the-day to tasty pasta, our menu promises a delicious trip that goes hand in hand with the Caribbean charm. Imagine enjoying a fresh lobster caught just hours before your trip. The mix of flavors, with a zesty citrus sauce, is like a tasty concert with the waves. We use fresh, local ingredients to make sure every dish captures the lively spirit of the Caribbean.

While sailing in St Maarten’s blue waters, our friendly crew is ready to serve your hot meal. Whether you pick the open deck or the shade, every moment is a chance to enjoy not just the food, but the whole experience.

6. Clean and Hygienic

Our boat, The Phoenix, is always super clean. We make sure every part of it is tidy and safe for you. We clean everything well, so you step onto a ship that’s really clean and ready for your adventure.

We provide hand sanitizers on the boat, so you can use them easily. We want you to relax and have fun, knowing we’re taking good care of keeping things clean.

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