Cat Litter Industry | Forecast 2030

The cat litter sector is witnessing significant growth fueled by increasing pet ownership across the globe. Moreover, the growing trend of pet humanization and increased spending on companion animals are the major factors boosting the sales of cat litter products. Pets are viewed as family members and owners are willing to invest more in their health and well-being, including regular veterinary care. For instance, according to the 2022 American Veterinary Medical Association’s Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook, households in the U.S. with only cats spend around USD 253 on veterinary care.

Additionally, growing consumer awareness about pet health and pet-related products is favoring the growth of the industry. For instance, the 2021 Yummypets survey showed that around 75% of respondents said they preferred odor-control litter products for the well-being of their cats, whereas around 13% said the preference was owing to household cleanliness and odor. Moreover, around 16% of Canadians and 17% of Americans considered odor control the primary feature of cat litter products.


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Clumping Cat Litter Market Growth and Trends

Clumping cat litter offers a significant convenience advantage as it forms solid clumps when in contact with liquid waste. This makes it much easier for pet owners to scoop and remove the soiled litter from the litter box. The ability to quickly and efficiently clean the litter box saves time and effort, making clumping cat litter a popular choice for busy pet owners. Moreover, hygiene and cleanliness are also significant drivers for the adoption of clumping cat litter. The solid clumps formed by this type of litter can be easily removed, leaving behind clean litter for the cat to use. This regular removal of soiled litter helps to maintain a clean and sanitary environment in the litter box, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and unpleasant odors.

Consumers are more inclined to ease up the process of cleaning cat urine and feces through clumped litter owing to better scoopability and odor control. In addition, the rising availability of product varieties, including clay-based ultra and standard clumping, and biodegradable premium ultra-clumping, are likely increasing the adoption of clumping cat litter. Cat owners have the option to choose between the aforementioned product offerings, and their increasing availability is contributing to the segment’s growth.


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Conventional Cat Litter Market Growth and Trends

Conventional cat litter tends to be more budget-friendly compared to specialized or alternative types of litter. This makes it an attractive option for pet owners who are cost-conscious or have multiple cats and need larger quantities of litter. According to a PetSafe site, the typical cost of clay-based conventional cat litter that requires to be replaced weekly is roughly USD 0.50., whereas, the average price of clumping litter is around USD 0.75 to USD 1.30. Clumping litter requires daily scooping with monthly replacement. The cost-effectiveness associated with conventional cat litter is expected to drive product sales in the market.

Another factor driving the adoption of conventional cat litter is its availability. Conventional litter is widely available in various stores and pet supply outlets, making it easily accessible to pet owners. The convenience of being able to purchase it locally or online without any specific requirements or limitations appeals to many cat owners. In addition, owing to increasing consumer awareness about health risks associated with dust particles, dust-free non-clumping litter is becoming popular among cat owners. Litters that minimize dust can help improve air quality in the home and reduce respiratory issues in both cats and their owners.


Competitive Insights

In the market, a mix of established companies and emerging players exists. Several prominent players are strategically capitalizing on the market’s growing trends while expanding their range of services to sustain and increase their market share.

  • For instance, in May 2023, TPL Enterprises launched Soft on Paws recycled cat litter. The product is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and is environment-friendly.
  • For instance, in January 2022, TABPS, a FiloMilo-owned brand launched two cat litter in India. The two variants are launched in scented and unscented forms. The scented cat litter is available in a fruity floral scent. Both variants are made with 100% Bentonite clay.

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