Published 30/01/2024 - 2 months ago
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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger – Bliss Flow Systems
Fixed tube Sheet

Straight tubes are expanded on two opposite tube sheets, which are welded directly to the shell, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger.
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Applications :
Widespread application, except in case that require the removal of the tube bundle for maintenance. It is particularly recommended for vacuum operations on the outer circuit or when gaskets are not desired on this circuit. In particular, it is used as a coolant for oil, transformers or lubrication system or small instant diesel or heater using steam outside the tube. Very useful as a vacuum steam condenser.

Advantages :
Absence of gasket and packing on the external tube circuit, since the shell is directly welded on the tube plate.
Impossibility of intermixing between the two circuits, thereby preventing internal gasket losses. Ease of single tube replacement. This is a very popular version as the head can be removed to clean the inside of the tubes. Heat expansion between the shell and the tube bundle can be absorbed by using one or more expansion joints

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