Published 26/06/2024 - 3 weeks ago

A hold ticket is a reservation made for a return trip with the intention of applying for a visa. It is also frequently referred to as a reservation or dummy ticket. Because it isn’t paid for, unlike airline tickets, it is known as a hold ticket. When you get a hold ticket, the reservation is often kept in your name for a few weeks, allowing you to apply, wait for confirmation of your visa grant, and then purchase your ticket.

Hold tickets give consulates and embassies all the information they require to handle your visa application.

The following will be included with your hold ticket or flight reservation: ● The name of the airline ● The flight schedule ● The booking reference ● The dates of arrival and departure ● Your entire name

Whoa! For roughly INR350/$5, you can purchase a hold ticket for your immigration, passport, or visa renewal in less than ten minutes.

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