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Published 26/06/2024 - 4 weeks ago

A flight itinerary is a written record that contains the specifics of a scheduled travel route. It is sometimes referred to as a flight reservation or booking confirmation. Typically, it contains details like:

Traveling passengers’ names and any other pertinent personal information are included in the passenger details.

Flight details contain the airline(s) and/or flight number(s) that the passenger(s) will be traveling with, as well as the airport(s) of departure and arrival, dates, and times of departure and arrival.

Reservation code or itinerary number: A special number linked to the reservation that can be used to access or change it.

Seat Assignments: The flight schedule may list the seat(s) allotted to each passenger, if applicable.

Booking Confirmation Number: A reference number that the airline or travel company provides to validate the reservation. 

Flight itineraries are frequently used for a number of reasons, such as planning trips, applying for visas, and providing documentation of travel plans as needed by airlines or immigration officials. An schedule of flights is frequently required for visa applications as evidence of future travel arrangements. In these circumstances, passengers may receive a provisional flight schedule orreservation from a travel agency expressly for the purpose of applying for a visa; this may typically be done without having to buy a ticket.

A flight itinerary is a confirmation of the desire to go; nevertheless, it differs from a ticket in that it does not guarantee a seat on the aircraft. A ticket is a paid reservation that verifies a traveler’s spot on a particular aircraft.

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