Online odt
Published 26/06/2024 - 3 weeks ago

A dummy ticket reservation is a reservation for a flight that isn’t intended for actual travel. It functions as a fake reservation that can be used as proof of future travel, to satisfy visa requirements, or for interview purposes. A dummy ticket can also be referred to as a flight itinerary, phony ticket, or flight reservation.

Making a fictitious ticket booking involves using an online application or website that mimics the airline booking process. Typically, information is required to include your name, chosen airline, destination, and travel schedule. The programme will then create a fake airline ticket using the reservation code, flight number, and itinerary data.

It is useful to use a fake ticket booking to obtain visas and fulfill travel document requirements, but it should not be used for actual travel.

And viola! You may buy a dummy plane ticket for about INR 200 or $3 in ten minutes.

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