Published 30/01/2024 - 6 months ago

How To Change Alarm Sound On IPhone? In the world of iPhone customization, altering your alarm sound can add a personalized touch to your morning routine. Mastering this art involves navigating through your device settings with ease.

Firstly, open the ‘Clock’ app on your iPhone. From there, tap on the ‘Edit’ option located in the top-left corner or select the ‘Alarm’ tab at the bottom. Pick the alarm you wish to modify or create a new one.

Once you’ve chosen an alarm, tap ‘Sound.’ Here, you’ll discover a variety of preset tones ranging from soothing melodies to energetic tunes. Scroll through the options and tap on each sound to preview it. Find the perfect alarm sound that suits your taste and will gently nudge you awake.

If the default options don’t resonate with you, there’s an option labeled ‘Pick a song’ which allows you to select any track from your music library as your alarm sound. This personal touch can make waking up a more pleasant experience.

Once you’ve found your desired sound, tap ‘Back’ and then ‘Save’ to confirm your choice. You’re now all set to wake up to the sound that speaks to you every morning.