Published 07/02/2024 - 5 months ago

Near to Real-time Inventory Sync:

Ensure that there is near to real-time synchronization of inventory levels between Zoho Inventory and Walmart. This feature helps prevent overselling or stockouts by updating product quantities automatically across both platforms.

Order Management:

Seamless Zoho Walmart integration should allow for the automated processing of orders from Walmart into Zoho Inventory. This includes order creation, updating order status, and managing order fulfillment processes directly from the inventory management system.

Product Information Sync:

Accurate and up-to-date product information is crucial for e-commerce businesses. The integration should enable the synchronization of product details such as stock and prices between Zoho Inventory and Walmart.

Multi-Channel Selling:

If your business operates on multiple e-commerce platforms, the Zoho Inventory integration with Walmart should support multi-channel selling. This means you can manage inventory, orders, and product information across different platforms through a centralized system, in this case, Zoho Inventory.

Automated Updates :

Receive automated updates when an item is sold at Walmart or In-Store, the system will automatically update the stock levels in all connected platforms. This helps in proactive management and timely resolution of issues.

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